Photo album with over 400 black and white photos and real photo postcards of a trip taken by two artists and University of Michigan graduates to pre-WWII Europe: England, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, France, and Switzerland, July 22 1936 to November

Various, 1936. Item #99-3556

400+ black and white photos and real photo postcards, average size 3.5 x 5.5" with a few photos smaller or larger. Plus maps, menus, guide books and brochures. 14.5 x 12", green patterned boards, white lettering on the front cover, 118 pages. Some of the photos may have a little creasing or edge tears, overall very good condition including album pages. The ephemera (maps etc.) has some soiling and creasing and edge tears, most of it is attached, lacks two photos. The album has original photographs, real photo postcards, a few printed photo and color postcards, maps of the various cities. The first map is of the eastern United States and Europe with a line circling from home to Europe and back, line going through countries visited, brochures from Niagara to The Sea Cananda Steamship Line, Welland Canal, Rotterdam, Nordiska Kompaniet, "On Entering Germany", menus from Wivex, S.S. Excalibur, tickets, passenger lists and much more. There is no military presence detected in the album but there is a photo (postcard?) of a submarine near their ship when departing Sweden. The majority of the photos etc. have pencil notes on the back. There are some loose handwritten notes about all the things to do when in Copenhagen and Stockholm. Some of the citites visited were Montreal, Quebec City, London, Canterbury, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Nuremburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Rotterdam, Paris, Versailles, Avignon, Lucern, Milan, Venice, and Rome. The quality of their photographs are equal to those of the professional real photo postcards. Not all are "tourist" photos, they took photos of a trout fishing trip in Gaspe with the captain of the S.S. Fjell, Welland Canal, Mt. Vesuvius from their bedroom window in Naples and a particularly nice shot of a storm in the North Sea while they were on a banana boat on the way to Antwerp. Plus there is a large pencil sketch, 13.5 x 10" entitled "Stateroom on Carmel Fjell-1936." The artists were Dorothe White and Jonathan Taylor. From a local newspaper, "Several months of travel in Europe and of sketching and painting, (there is a photo of Dorothe sketching while on board on the way to Europe,) will be the wedding trip of two young Ann Arbor artists who have won recognition in art circles here and beyond Ann Arbor." The coming of World War II would drastically change some of the places visited. An interesting album, very well done.

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