New York: International Art Publishing Co. Dean's Rag Book Co. Ltd.: London. 1905. Item #98-3312

Dean's Rag Books No. 73. Color, 6 x 4, rag with pict covers and contents, unpag (12 pages including covers). Soiled, spotted, stained, fraying, creasing. Each of the pages have either two or three letters of the alphabet along with an illustration, i.e., "A for Apricot," "J for Japanese," "U for Uniform." Dean & Son, who had been around for more than 200 years at the publication of this book, published books of all sorts including "Debrett’s Peerage." In 1902, Dean’s started making rag books and by 1903 a branch of the company was started which was called "Dean’s Rag Book Company." They were able to mass produce these rag books which made them affordable. Later, during World War I, with no German teddy bears being imported, Dean’s took up the manufacture of teddy bears, making them the oldest producer of these toys in Britain to date and are still highly in demand. Scarce title.

Price: $150.00

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