"HEWITT BOOK MEND" [old box set of book repair tools and materials, c. 1953].

Edward Ringwood Hewitt: NY, 1953. Item #98-1436

Box is 15 x 10 x 2, worn, soiled and eaten away on left side, some wear and staining to contents (mostly due to age), but still remarkable because it probably was never used. Contains old set of watercolor paints (dried up) with brush, sanding block, half cedar wood (?), roller, sharp knife, old compass with pencil, two plastic tubes of Hewitt Book-Mend A, shriveled tubes of B & C, metal can of Hexone (still something inside!), sandpaper, cheesecloth-like mending cloth, ruler with brushes, sheet of green leather-like vinyl, three empty little glass jars, even a set of rubber bands; the contents are in their own packing places! Probably have never been touched except by age. With 40 pp instruction booklet. Not in pristine condition, but still a great artifact of book repair, more than 50 years old. SWAF.

Price: $45.00

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