2 Nazi Germany Identity Cards for Ukrainian ballerina Helena Saklynska.

Item #98-0822

1st is a Kennkarte (identity card): 5.5 x 3.5, pale green trifold card with metal ring for string, provides name, birth date, nationality, occupation photo, finger prints, etc. for the Nazi regime, Has ink Nazi stamp with spread eagle and swastika. 2nd is Personalausweis (identity card for non German Civil Service workers): 4.5 x 3, bifold green card with string eyelet, contains professional photo portrait, name, birth date and job location, with ink nazi stamp of spread eagle and swastika. Cards issued to Helen Saklynska, a Ukrainian national from the area of Lvov (Lemberg(, born in 1914, and an Orthodox Christian. She worked as a ballerina or actress (ballet schauspielerin). A comparison of the portrait photos shows a hausfrau type photo in the identity card but in the workers card she has a nice costume with braided hair.

Price: $250.00

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