Clipped article from a 1766 edition of The London Evening-Post "By the King, A Proclamation, for putting the Laws in Execution Against Forestalling, Regrating, and Engrossing Corn." The London Evening-Post from Thursday, September 11, to Saturday, Septemb

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16 x 5.25, two columns. Fold creases, a few small tears, light spotting, part of the masthead has been trimmed, underlining (contemporary?) else good. The law is to prevent the price gouging of corn, esp. as it relates to the poor. From the article "And whereas the prices of Corn are already very much increased, and the same is likely to grow much dearer, to the great oppression of the poor, partly because the said Acts are not duly put in execution." It goes on to exhort the legal community to enforce this act. On the reverse are ads and world news -- "Mount Hecla, (in Iceland) has thrown up a great deal of smoke . . ." Sound familiar?

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