Sixty lantern slide plates with boxes from Eastman Kodak and fifteen from Seed's Dry Plate Co. showing electrical research

Eastman Kodak: Rochester, nd (1910s? 1920s?). Hardcover. Very Good. Item #21-6414

Eastman Kodak has four boxes 4 x 3.5 x .75", slides are 4 x 3.25", the number of slides in all the boxes vary. The boxes are well worn and rubbed, heavily soiled, pencil notes (Seed's has a date of 1921), one box has split corners. The slides have a clear wrap which is peeling, light scratches, small bits of brown paper stuck on the back of some, a few have a "foggy" white substance else very good condition. The plates have accompanying text and all are numbered. Some of the contents: Thompson galvanometer, sine of an angle, how to read a meter, mechanical analysis of wattless current, vector diagrams of step-down transformers, Gramme ring armature, Western Electric barrel would armature, Whitney hot wire instruments, Willard grid, rebuilding batteries, charge phenomena. None of the slides are blank, no duplicates. No indication of the company that had these images created. A total of 75 plates with boxes, sold as a lot. Subject matter not common.

Price: $295.00

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