"PAMIATKA DRUGIEJ MISYI SW. W. KOSCIELE NASJSL. SERCA M.P." Original mounted photo of six named Polish priests posing in front of an alter, two of whom were assigned to Detroit's Sweetest Heart Of Mary Church, J. Olejni and A. Marcinkiewicz, who was the assistant pastor

Detroit, MI, 1912. Paperback. Very Good. Item #21-6078

Litynski 399 Canfield Ave. E. Detroit. Decorative mount 10 x 6.5", photo 5.5 x 3.5". Photo has scratches, smudges and spotting, mount is well worn, soiled and spotted. Rough literal translation of "Pamiatka" is "A memorial of the second mission of the church of the most hearts". Only the above named priests were listed in the 1911 Detroit city directory, their residence being 896 Russell (address changed to 4440 in 1920) which is the address of Sweetest Heart of Mary Church (listed as "Sacred Heart of Mary"). SCARCE memorabilia.

Price: $35.00

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