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One page of photos of Detroit's African-American entertainment district Paradise Valley in the Detroit-themed issue of Color Rotogravure Section, Vol. 1 No. 3, Sept. 1944

Color, Inc: Charleston 1944 Illus., 16.5 x 11", pict. wraps, (22pp). Disbound, toned, chipped, edge tears, missing small pieces. Shown in the photos are Club Zombie, Club Three 666, 606 Bar. Afro-Cuban dancers Leonard & Zola. Other Detroit articles/photo stories: "Detroit Has Colorful Personalities, Strong Leaders, Lovely Homes." (Ulysses Boykin, Sidney Barthwell), "This Company (Great Lakes Life) Leads the World in Negro Nursing Services", "The Detroit Negro Leads the World" (Dr. William E. Lawson, Dr. W.C. Long continues in next issue) plus a photo of Joe Louis in uniform carrying his boxing gloves. Other articles: "Senator Truman as Negro Missourians Knew Him", "Progress of Negro Women in Professions", "Why the C10 Will be Hard to Beat" plus a photo of Col. Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. posing next to his plane. Some local ads: Barthwell's Drug Stores, Broad's Club Zombie, Way County Better Homes, Inc. Great content. COMES WITH: Color Vol. 2 No. 9. Pre-October 1945. (20pp), same condition as above. Includes a Detroit article by Marquis Love "Heavy Swag". Front the editor's note: "Heavy Swag" is considered to be of unusual interest because it is a recountal (a true story) of what the author believes to be the only case on record of a Negro bank robber, criminals of that race usually confining themselves entirely to petty desmeanors. The story was told to the Author by prisoners in the county jail in Detroit, where the leading character was 'laying out' an indeterminate sentence for roberry of a bank." Included are photo stories "The Negro Police Across the Continent- A Good Measure of Our Civic Progress", "Color Presents American's Fastest Growning, Dynamic College (sic) For Negro Women", "Famous Lincoln U. of Missouri Gave America its 2nd Dred Scott Decision" plus a photo of Josh White Sr. and Josh White Jr. Any Paradise Valley items are EXTREMELY SCARCE. Sold as a pair. Very fragile. Sold as is.

Book Id: 99-3512

Price: $50.00

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