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Garrison, Wm. Lloyd, editor.

THE LIBERATOR. "Our Country Is the World -- Our Countrymen Are All Mankind" Boston, Friday, November 23, 1860. [Knights of the Golden Circle]

Masthead shows three images: one of a slave auction and one of emancipated slaves, in the center is Christ "I Come to Break the Bonds of the Oppressor," 18 x 25, 185-188. Creased, torn, splitting, toned, some soiling. Included in contents: "The Knights of the Golden Circle," "an account of . . . General Bickley, president of the KGC (Knights of the Golden Circle. . . The Order of the KGCs originated in the deep and settled hatred of the General to Abolitionists . . . This hatred took possession of bosom when he was only 11 years old, at which early age he saw his little brother and sister murdered by blacks, during a servile insurrection, urged on by Abolitionists. . ."; The Exodus of Free Negroes from South Carolina, "a large number of free negroes were leaving. . . to avoid being doomed to slavery under a law of that State. . . makes one man their guardian and must always wear a badge of servitude, made of copper, with their number upon it. . ."; Maine Seamen Flayed, two seamen from the brig Julia E. Arey of Bangor, Maine, were accused of being abolitionists while in Camden County, Georgia; The Reign of Terror in Georgia, the arrival in Boston of the steamer Alabama from Savannah, half of whose passengers were forced to leave because they were Northerners; Arrest of an Abolitionist, in Pensacola, Florida, a man was heard telling "a negro that today Lincoln would be elected, and the slaves of the South would be free. He was promptly arrested, and will be disposed of today in some way not agreeable. . ."; Discourse of Henry Ward Beecher; No Save Hunting in Massachusetts; Georgia Retribution, a list of retaliatory measures against other states and individuals for preventing the recovery of fugitive slaves, etc; Another Excitement in Virginia, a "free negro" announced that "negroes from the upper and lower ends of the county were to meet at Lancaster C.H. . . . break open the Jail, seize the firearms therein, and commence an indiscriminate slaughter. . . ." Southern states arming and much more. Sold as is.

Book Id: 99-2120

Price: $125.00

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