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Letter Dated 1896 from a Detroit area young man who was staying with his family at the Royal Victoria Hotel, Nassau, Bahamas, on hotel letterhead.

Nassau February, 1896 9.5 x 6, woodcut of the hotel at the top. Fold creases, light staining and soiling else good/very good. Correspondence is addressed to "Dear Grandpapa" from Sydney, Grandpapa is Dr. George B. Russel and Sydney is his grandson Sydney R. Russel, both of Detroit. Sydney writes about the weather: "The weather for swimming, walking, bicycling, tennis and other sports has been excellent . . . More lightning and thunder. . . the lightning is very pretty, sometimes coming from all parts of the sky at once." His observations on the residents: "Sometimes the natives bring shells, odd kinds of fruit and such things to sell to the people of the hotel and one woman brought a few eggs and potatoes probably thinking that they were scarce up north as they are here and that the guests would buy them as rare delicacies. We see plenty of them in the hotel but I suppose that the poorer class of people hardly ever see them. As I was riding along the street today, I saw a sign reading thus: (Potatoes @ 12 cents per lb.). I suppose they donít know what a bushel looks like." Sydney is enjoying his vacation: "I go in the water nearly every day and either play tennis or ride bicycle in the afternoon so I get plenty of exercise and I am sure that I eat about twice as much as I did when I was home." No mention of the Royal Victoria Hotel, built in 1861 by the government of the Bahamas. The hotel enjoyed steady business during the American Civil War, popular with bootleggers during the US Prohibition era; parts of the movie "Gone with the Wind" were filmed here. Sadly, the hotel burned down a few years ago.

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