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Three Letters from 1897 and 1898 of a Detroit area family who were staying at the Mountain Park Hotel in Hot Springs, NC, two of which are on the hotel's letterhead [Spanish American War].

Hot Springs April 1897 and Hotel letterhead: 8 x 5, 1897 has 8 pages (2 sheets folded in half), 1898 has 4 pages (1 sheet folded in half) and both have postmarked envelopes 4 x 5, private stationery 8 x 5 (1 sheet folded in half). Letters have fold creases and light soiling else good/very good, envelopes are heavily soiled, torn and missing flaps. Correspondence is addresses to Dear Father from Fanny and Dear Grandpa from Julia. Father and grandpa is Dr. George B. Russel, Fanny is his daughter-in-law Fanny Russel and Julia is her daughter. In 1987 Fanny writes about meeting Mr. and Miss Cope, Quakers from Germantown, Pennsylvania, and spending the afternoon with them on the riverbank reading Wordsworth, receiving an invitation from Mrs. Stinchfield to go with her to Paint Rock and on the way there ". . . we followed the stream. . . where we watched a pretty little Falls. . . We found a cabin where we were refreshed with a glass of milk apiece. . . ", about the view from her window ". . . the mountain slopes are covered with every shade of green . . . rhododendron bushes glisten in the sunshine. . ." In 1898 Fanny wishes Father a happy birthday and writes in addition: "Do you know, dear father, it hardly seems possible that you have reached such an advanced age, (72) for here at Hot Springs are several gentlemen from seventy to seventy five years, who seem years older." A second letter, on personal stationery, is dated March 4, no year, but it is from 1898. In it Julia writes that ". . . we were in the beautiful South . . . and all the young people are planning to go on a rabbit-hunt this morning. It is great fun. We take out a pack of hounds and we ourselves go on horseback." On a very different topic she wants Grandpa to ". . . talk about the war scare and wonder how you feel about it. They sent a telegram here the other night that war had been declared. . .," she was relieved to get mail from the noon train that ". . . it was only a rank rumor." The war mentioned would be the Spanish-American War. The USS Maine was sunk in the Havana harbor on February 15, 1898, which was probably the cause of the "rank rumor." About six seeks after the date of Julia’s letter, the Spanish-American War started. The Mountain Park Hotel, built in 1886 was one of the most elegant resorts of its era, boasting a bath house with 16 marble pools, croquet and tennis courts, stables and golf course. A total of five pieces, sold as a lot.

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