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Carver, George Washington.

Two Original Gelatin Silver Prints, late 1930s, of George Washington Carver standing next to one of his paintings of yucca plants, two different views, one of which is signed by Dr. Carver and photographer (P.H. Polk).

Tuskegee, AL 1939 (one is undated but appears to be the same year as the other) 5.5 x 3.5, and 6.5 x 4.5. Smaller photo has light creasing, clear plastic photo "corners," a light foxing on reverse, notes on the back "$1.50 per dozen" (green ink) and "3/4.50 Art lecture given by Dr. Carver during summer school at Tuskegee Institute July 1942," number probably refer to the cost of the photos; larger photo has light creasing, clear plastic photo corners, one corner of photo has an abrasion, back of photo has paper strips along sides with a few abrasions, ink note on reverse Dr. Carver giving an art lecture and discussing the (word abraded) of Yucca (word abraded) that was (word abraded) more than 20 years prior to the opening of the Carver Museum. Both images show a large framed painting of yuccas resting on an easel on a small cloth-covered platform; both are identical paintings. The smaller photo shows Dr. Carver to the right of the painting, right hand touching the frame and left hand holding a pointer, gazing directly at the photographer; the slightly larger photo shows him to the left of the painting and using the pointer, facing the canvas; only one photo is dated but appears to be from the same lecture. The smaller print is signed in the lower left corner in black ink "Geo. W. Carver. 12-25-39" and near the lower right ":Polk: 39." Prentice Herman Polk became the photography instructor at Tuskegee Institute in 1928 and quickly became head of the department, in 1939 he became the official photographer of the Tuskegee Institute. He photographed famous visitors to Tuskegee such as Henry Ford, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, W.C. Handy but one of his favorite subjects was Dr. Carver. Both photographs appear to be from the same lecture so it is quite likely that both were taken by Polk. COMES WITH: later glossy b&w reprint of Dr. Carver sitting at an easel working on painting of flowers in a vase, original photo was probably taken in the late 1930s, 10 x 8 unevenly cropped, small piece out of side margin, glue stains on back with printed note "Dr. George Washington Carver painting a Yucca Plant" but that is not the flower shown. A total of three pieces. ONE PHOTO SIGNED BY GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER AND POLK.

Book Id: 98-7987

Price: $1,500.00

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