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Hall, C. (Charles) F. (Frederick).


San Francisco. May 25, 1894. 14 x 10.5, four page pamphlet with three columns per page. Toned, creased, several tears, top and bottom halves almost detached, abrasion. C.F. Hall, a concessionaire at the 1893 Chicago Columbian Exposition details in this pamphlet the trails and tribulations that he went through, unsuccessfully, to be a concessionaire at the California Midwinter Fair in San Francisco. The California Midwinter Fair was promoted by M.H. deYoung, the editor and owner of the San Francisco Chronicle and a vice president on the commission for the Columbian Exposition. He saw it as an opportunity to showcase Californiaís investment opportunities, growth, land sales and a chance to make money for the community. The plans were announced on January 1, 1893, and groundbreaking took place on August 24, 1894, in Golden Gate Park. Excitement was high and the majority of the exhibitors from Chicago applied to become part of this new fair. An office was set up in Chicago which is where Hall went to fill out his application and leave a deposit. He was guaranteed to be the sole exhibitor for electroplating and machinery for light manufacturing. Upon his arrival in December 1893, Hall found out that the person who took his deposit and gave him a receipt was no longer working for the fair and that Hall had to pay more money which he refused; his prime location was then taken away from him and no longer had exclusive rights. He sues the fair/deYoung whose file clerk cannot locate Hallís contract. Hall eventually loses the case, and had this pamphlet printed to let the general public know how the fair was cheating and taking advantage of exhibitors (he was not the only exhibitor having difficulties), and that some of the men associated with the fair/deYoung had dubious reputations. A detailed, non-vitriolic account. Sold as is.

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