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Group of 17 Manning Brothers original B&W photos plus four duplicates along with 14 original b&w and two reprints of cars, commercial trucks and wheels/rims, 1924-1933.

Detroit and various. 1924-1933. Linen-backed (except for reprints), majority have side tabs and some with punchholes, size ranges from 7.5 x 9.5 to 8 x 11, photographer name stamps on reverse: Manning Brothers (21), J.W. Hughes (1) and Detroit Commercial Photo Co (1) -- all Detroit; R.C. Leavenworth, Lansing (1); Newark Photo Studio Inc. (1); N. Lazarnick, NY (4) and one with the name on the front: Davis B. Hillmer, Detroit; the rest of the photos are unidentified. Light soiling, rubbing, creasing and edgewear, a few light scratches, one tab cresed with torn holes, a couple have a bit more rubbing, soiling and edgewear, thumbprint, one has cello tape and tape removal marks, another is missing a corner, overall good/very good condition (Mannings being very good). Manufacturers represented are Acme, Denby, Hupmobile, Pierce-Arrow, Studebaker (possibly; truck chassis and cars shown are parked in a lot next to Detroitís American Brass Co, lot should be part of Studebakerís plants 3 and 4), McCormick-Deering, White, remainder were not able to be identified. Businesses represented are Barrett Co-Benzol, Baxter Cartage, Budd, Huron Portland Cement, Inter-State Motor Freight -- all from Detroit; William J. Garvin Inc and Lewis Thompson & Co. -- both NY; Truxmore Springs (taken by Newark Photo Studio, location uncertain as it is a Truxmore Springs convention). Majority of photos are of trucks, there are only 7 car photos including one dupe, only able to identify the Hupmobile due to car having the name on the rear tire. Of interest is a photo of cars lining up to leave an unnamed car ferry, cars in a dealership (?) garage and the interior of non-dealership garage showing a man changing a tire with good background details. Non-car/truck photos show interior views of a rim/wheel shop with men working, a small test track (?) in winter, truck rear wheels/undercarriage, tires and various pieces of equipment most likely found in a rim/wheel shop. Dating of the photos was based in the license plates, Manning Bros. were 1924-1933 and the others were 1925-1932, most did not have dates. In addition to the photos, there is a contemporary drug store envelope (Hillís, Detroit) which has 11 photos (small) with negatives of tires/wheels/rims and man posing by a truck plus one exceedingly blurry photo/negative of possibly a baseball game and one blank negative. An interesting collection of 37 photos plus the contents of the drugstore envelope. From the archive of a recently retired longtime Detroit wheel and rim company owner. Sold as a lot only.

Book Id: 98-5475

Price: $995.00

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