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Photograph of the William H. Hill residence, 230 Boston Blvd. in Detroit's Boston Edison district.

Detroit nd (1920s) 7.5 x 9.5, b&w, printed on front of photo Res at 230 Boston Blvd. East and on the reverse is a faint stamp from a Detroit commercial photographer. Creasing, curling, reverse is toned and soiled else good. William H. Hill was owner of the William H. Hill Company, Manufacturers of Proprietary Medicine, at 120 Selden Ave. He belonged to several exclusive clubs, i.e., Detroit Athletic Club and the Detroit Club, where he would have known some of Detroitís movers and shakers, who, like him, had luxurious houses built in the Boston Edison district. Some of the neighbors were Henry Ford, John Dodge, J.L. Hudson, S.S. Kresge. Homes were first built in 1905 (Hillís was built in 1919) and continued for several more years, the majority being built between 1905 and 1925. The Boston Edison District is on both the Michigan and national registers of historic places. Show in the photo is a stately three story house with mullioned windows on the upper levels; at left is a large garage with a 1920s car parked outside. The house numbers reflect the recent citywide address changes: 100 for before 1920 and 230 for after 1920. Mr. Hill lived in the house until the fateful year of 1929 after which the house remained vacant for several years.

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