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Sixteen Cabinet Card/ Photo Postcard/ Photos of African-Americans, Children & Adults, c. 1910 - 1930s. [Photography studios were from Detroit: Gorman's Studio; Jacksonville, Fla: Davis Gallery; Atlanta: Edwards & Son, Moore's Studio, Mondul Studio.]

Detroit, Jacksonville, Atlanta but mainly np, nd (except for one photo with reference to 1932). Size varies between 3.5 x 2.5 to 8 x 6, seven cabinet cards with three photographers listed: The Davis Gallery, Jacksonville, Fla.; Edwards & Son, 58 ˝ Whitehall St., Atlanta, Ga., Gorman’s Studio, Detroit; four photo postcards with one photographer listed: Moore’s Studio, 862 Hunter St., S.W., Atlanta, Ga. one photo Christmas greeting; three family snapshots, one professional photo by Mondul Studio, 150W0190 Auburn Ave., Atlanta, Ga. Soiling, creasing, chipping, wear, spotting, staining, one snapshot is missing two corners, a photo postcard neatly cut into two. Acquired as a group, possibly family members and friends, occasional note written on the back, one photo with note saying child in photo was born in 1932 else no dates given, clothing styles indicate as early as 1910s. Only four notes: written on the back of the Gorman cabinet card "Charlie Detroit;" photo postcard of young man standing in front of train backdrop with this note: Alfred Campbell, 2402 Live Oak Houston; photo postcard of woman on a swing and name on reverse "Minie," "John Cook" and snapshot of young boy and girl on school (?) steps with note on reverse "Clarence & Nina Mae Rome. Nina born Mar. 18, 1932." Included in this grouping are a couple of unrelated items: small school (?) photo of young white boy, np nd and a defective postcard titled "The Harem Baby" showing a young white woman in a costume, also np nd. Sold as is. Sold as a lot.

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Price: $150.00

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