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A Collection of of 11 original pencil sketches and copies of plans for the Ford Motor Company Tractor Plant in Highland Park, MI, 1949.

Ford Motor Co Production Engineering Dept: Dearborn, MI c 1949 Most 24 x 36, varying degrees of browning and staining, edges torn and chipped, but still a fascinating lot of original plans for the Ford Tractor Plant at the old Ford Highland Park factory. Collection contains: 1) "South Elevation XX Bldg," original pencil, 8/15/49, Master 54; 2) "N Building," north and south elevations, original pencil, July 11, 1949, Master 62; 3) "0.1 & 0.2 Building," east and north elevations, original pencil, 6/16/49, Master 57; 4) "Highland Park Motor Sales" north and west elevations and floor plans, original pencil, 6/2/49, Master 52; 5) "WW Building," Manchester Ave and side elevations, original pencil, 6/1/49, Master 18; 6) "K Building" East and West elevations, original pencil, May 16, 1949, Master 51; 7) copy of "XX Building, south elevation and cross section, 6/15/49, Master 54, very browned; 8) "Tractor Division, Highland Park Plant, Plot Plan," revised 10/27/66, printed in blue with pencil annotations; 9) "Sub Station, Intercommunication System" printed in blue with pencil annotations; 10) "OO Building Entrance," copy of original sketch, perspective of building entrance, c. 1955, "proposed sign for tractor plant," heavily browned but still striking (would look nice framed); 11) "Building 5," front and rear elevations with four cross sections, original pencil sketch, Master 21. An exciting lot of original and copies of plans for the second life of the historic Highland Park plant; two of the plans show an overhead view of the entire complex at the time, from Woodward to Oakland. The lot:

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