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A Set of Eight Original Contractors Drawings on Linen for Renovation Work at Ford's Highland Park Plant, c. 1912-1915.

Detroit/Highland Park 1912-1915 Various sizes, all worn and darkened with wrinkles and folds, some edge tears and folds, minor soil and a couple of ink spots, but nice, original plans in black and red ink on coated linen with Ford Company info on each, one with "W.O.Wood, Building Contractor" written in, many signed by S.A. Fliger for Ford Motor Co. Includes: 1) 32 x 52, "Foundation Plan for Additions to Manufacturing Plant, Ford Motor Co., 'H' Bldg," last date 4/9/12, shows crock sewer plan; 2) 36 x 64, "Details, Photographic Dept., 4th fl. Bldg A, Ford Motor Co," showing various doors, "Entrance to Studio," dated 6/22/15; 3) 30 x 42, "Plans and Details of Bldg Number Four," shows roof and floor plans, foundation and drainage, includes cross section of Kahn-type factory building with glass windows at roof, dated 9/21/15; 4) 30 x 44, "Diagram of Complete Upset Building Showing Drainage," with "Details of Pipe Tunnel, " roof and floor plans, dated 9/13/15; 5) 36 x 48, "Battery Room Building A," showing window and door frames, floor plan of the third and fourth floors, plus plan of the Battery Room, dated 9/8/15; 6) 21 x 56, "Plan of Experimental Laboratory -- 4th Floor, Building A, Ford Motor Co," floor plan for semi-dark room, laboratory, office and library, includes elevation, dated 6/11/15; 7) 36 x 47, "Cooling Pond on Building A, Piping for 4th Section," pencil notes, dated 7/16/15; 8) 23 x 56, "Plan of Photographic Dept., 4th Floor Building A," intricate plan plus elevation, dated 6/19/15. Also included is an original pencil on paper plan, 31 x 45 "Detail of Pipe Drains for Skylight Bet. Bldg A and P.H." section through skylight, showing drains, with Ford ID at bottom, dated 5/15/14. The Highland Park plant was used by Ford from about 1910 through the 1920s, when it was replaced by the Rouge plant. In 1913, the first automotive assembly line was put into use there. Albert Kahn, the famous Detroit architect, originally designed the Highland Park plant, but these drawings aren't identified as being from his firm; according to one expert we have contacted, the drawings were probably submitted from the builder to Ford so that they could be compared to the Ford plans; the Ford plans may have originated from within the Ford Company. In any event, these were the working plans for work done on Ford's historic Highland Park plant, and are by that association highly desirable.

Book Id: 98-1173

Price: $5,000.00

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