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Private Photo Album showing the Sunken USS Maine and the City of Havana.

np (Havana) nd (1898) Album is stiff wraps, 11 x 7, 24 pages with two photos per page for a total of 48 photos plus 20 loose photos (all dupes except for three), photos are b&w, 4.5 x 3.5. Covers have light wear, body of album is detached from the covers , album body, pages and photos are in very good condition, the three non-duplicate loose photos have chipping and tears. The USS Maine was docked in the Havana harbor (on a "peace" mission) and exploded on the evening of February 15, 1898 at 9:40 p.m. There are six photos of the Maine (five at the front of the album and one near the rear). The five photos are in sequence as the photo taker gradually got closer and more details are shown of the twisted wreckage, the last photo shows the ship in the distance. There are no markings to indicate that this is the Maine (except for a non-contemporary note that came with the album) but these photos match photos from other sources. The person who took these photos arrived via steamship (no markings) and took pictures of the Havana harbor, the Maine, the Morro Lighthouse, various buildings in the city including places of amusement, the Parque Central, in the countryside showing residents and their wooden dwelling, trees and roads. There are also images of businesses and a few miscellaneous photos that don't appear to be related to the Havana scenes. The sinking of the Maine was the incident that caused the Spanish American war and the beginning of world dominance for the United States.

Book Id: 97-5759

Price: $850.00

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