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The American Beacon. Norfolk, VA., Wednesday Morning, September 13, 1839, vol. 1, No. 71.

22 x 17, 4 pp. Removed, spotting, fold creases, small tears and holes else very good. Brief mention of " . . . The Africans taken in the Amistad is the theme of much speculation in the papers." The U.S. Marshal was detaining them for murder and for being the property of the "Spaniards." "We refer to a communication from the Richmond Compiler, which contains an abstract of a case decided by Chief Justice Marshall, and supposed to bear upon the case of the Amistad." There is on the same page a lengthy article entitled "The Captured Slaves." In 1819 a privateer entered the port of Baltimore and "clandestinely shipped a crew of thirty or forty men" and set off for Africa with crew and officers consisting of mainly U.S. citizens. Once there, captured 1 American ship, several Portuguese vessels and one Spanish vessel called the Antelope and took the slaves off all the vessels. The privateer was wrecked off the Brazilian coast, all were transferred to the Antelope (which traveled with the privateer) by the slaves who were now in control. It was later found off the coast of the U.S. by a revenue cutter. Spain and Portugal demanded their property back. Chief Justice Marshall delivered the Court's opinion "that the legality of the capture of a vessel engaged in the slave trade depends on the law of the country to which the vessel belongs. If that law gives its sanction to the trade, restitution will be decreed . . . " Also in this newspaper on the Bible and slavery and a good-sized ad for a runaway slave named Robert Butt, a recent acquisition. Reward is $89. Lots and lots of ads for various proudcts. Good historical content.

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